Meet the main mobster, Katarina Terentieva

Founder / Art Director / Momager 

Katarina has always been a boss bitch, even before running MOB MGMT. With over 13 years in the creator industry, her POV is that of both the creator and the brand. Using her background in advertising and neuromarketing, she created MOB MGMT, where our influencers are backed like brands as they continue to build an authentic internet presence and turn it into an impactful career - all while having expert-level strategy support, unapologetic advocacy for their worth and someone to say "i'm proud of you" every step of the way.

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Unlocking a new creative house era 

Our storytime starts with a viral Tumblr blog and a feed full of sick outfits on the ‘gram. Katarina has been the CEO of creating digital content long before it was monetized. As she trained to be a professional art director, she began putting her studies into practice with legit brand partnerships.

 The difference? Undeniable. 

It’s givingggg collaboration. She understood the brand’s assignment, but more importantly she knew how to play their game on her terms. From creating thumb-stopping content to navigating the business of creativity (like pitching, brand strategy, and negotiation) combined with the psychological art of influence, Katarina knows what it takes. Having been on both an influencer and a creative on the brand side for some of your faves like Meta, Savannah Miller Bridal, Lobos 1707, Grailed and more, Katarina offers a unique perspective unlike any other talent manager (#DoubleAgentVibes).   

Breaking up with her 9-5

Katarina went from a full-time job in the fashion industry, NYFW shows, happy hours and exclusive events to building an influencer talent agency. She’s here to flip the script on the entire creator industry and put influencer marketing back into the hands of creators. Sharing what formally trained advertisers know about creative strategy and personal branding (since she is an art director) while coming from the background of an influencer herself, bridging this bogus knowledge gap is only part of her master plan. Building up her clients’ digital careers with memorable storytelling that transforms them from influential PEOPLE to influential BRANDS is what MOB MGMT is invested in. 

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Mobsters are brands’ associates, professional equals.

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